‘Deadpool 3′ Will Be Marvel Studios’ First Non ‘Spider-Man’ Co-Production

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Here’s a surprising reveal, but it looks like Marvel Studios is starting to expand in new and interesting ways. Not only will Deadpool 3 be their first venture into R-rated fair, but they are also co-producing the film with Ryan Reynolds Maximum Effort Productions. It’s not their first time co-producing a film, as they also work alongside Sony to further expand their Spider-Man franchise. Still, this is a big step forward for Marvel Studios as they are no longer the main producer behind the project, and it’ll be interesting to see if others might also join them moving forward.

Reynolds has taken a step back from his acting role to not only focus on some well-deserved family time but also further develop his footprint in the advertising and production world. He’s been actively involved in the development of Deadpool 3, which might also be the reason it might be the first to make that jump, especially as Maximum Effort was also involved with previous entries. We’ll see if Marvel Studios is also considering adding partners to other projects, as they continue to expand and may use the helping hand.

If you’re wondering, the relationship with productions like The Incredible Hulk and the earlier days of the production before Disney purchased the company, Universal was a distributor but not a producer on the project. The same goes for projects like Iron Man, where Paramount Pictures was the distributor. So, while other companies were involved, they didn’t have an active production role to bring the project to life. That is why this is quite the move for Deadpool as an IP that fully belongs to Marvel Studios.

Of course, the IP remains with Disney and Marvel Studios, but them opening up to others’ involvement may also showcase what they’ve learned from their time with Sony. The biggest benefit in this project is that Sony isn’t holding the IP of one of their biggest characters over their head, as that did briefly fall apart ahead of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Luckily, they remained cooperative and ended up with one of the biggest releases of the entire pandemic. The future is going to be quite interesting from a creative and production side.

Source: Forbes

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