EXCLUSIVE: Character Breakdowns for Netflix’s ‘Beef’ with Steven Yeun

If you’re looking forward to Netflix’s Beef, we have exclusive character breakdowns for the Steven Yeun-led comedy-drama.

In March, Netflix announced it was developing a comedy-drama series titled Beef starring both Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead, Invincible) and Ali Wong (Baby Cobra, Always be my Maybe). The story centers around two people who allow a road rage incident to burrow into their minds and slowly consume their every thought and action.

Since the show’s announcement, though, details regarding the forthcoming series have been sparse. Until now, at least. We here at Murphy’s Multiverse have character breakdowns for some of the other characters set to appear in the Netflix series.

First up is the role of George. The character is said to be an early 30s-40s Japanese-American Male. He is described as the “chiseled and attractive” husband of Amy, who also happens to be the son of a renowned architect and designer. His character is the type who wears full bicycle gear and rides hundreds of miles every morning while listening to the Tom Ferriss podcast. George also happens to be a ceramicist who makes vases that are hard to sell, but he’s keen to focus on his business after his wife, Amy, sells off her own. This role is that of a series regular.

Next up is June, the daughter of Amy and George. The role calls for a young girl between the ages of 4-6 who is Asian-American. June is described as “adorable” and “shy.” She’s also known to have outbursts when she becomes too frustrated. While she is sweet toward both parents, June has a closer relationship with her father. She also enjoys painting, yoga and eating candy. This role is also that of a series regular.

Then there’s Isaac. The character is a Korean-American male who is between his mid-30’s and late 40’s. Isaac is the cousin of Danny and Paul. He is a bigger guy with the build of a high school or amateur football player. Isaac was recently released from jail after being arrested for illegal-export activities. While he believes in traditional Korean values, he will break the law when needed and justify it as being for his family. The character will appear in 7 out of 10 episodes.

Finally, there’s Fumi. This character is a Japanese-American woman in her 60s. She is the mother of George and Amy’s mother-in-law. Fumi is described as elegant and attractive, and she wears head-to-toe designer clothes. She is also the widow of a renowned architect who has never worked a day in her life. With no job, she spends her time as a doting grandmother and visits her son’s family often. Fumi has high expectations of others, including her son, and prides herself on her artistic taste. The character will appear in 7 out of 10 episodes.

Netflix’s Beef consists of 10 episodes and Lee Sung Jin (Dave, Tuca & Bertie) serves as the showrunner.

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