New ‘Barbie’ Set Photos Offer New Look at Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie

barbie set photos

It looks like a new group of set photos have found their way online, but this time it’s from the upcoming Greta Gerwig film, Barbie. What is seemingly taking a meta direction with adapting the iconic toy line, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling take on the roles of Barbie and Ken respectively. While we haven’t seen the rest of the cast, we did get a tease of their looks for the film and now a new batch of set photos offer a closer look at some other outfits they’ll wear throughout the film production.

The Daily Mail offered a new glimpse behind the scenes, which features our two main stars in a cowboy-inspired aesthetic. They may have been out horseback riding, or perhaps they just match their styles when they leave their homes. It’s unclear if this will have a romantic storyline and where these characters are in their relationship if there even is truly one.

Another set photo also includes director Gerwig, who has seemingly joined the team’s dominant pink aesthetic by also donning a fittingly pink outfit as well. It would be fun if the entire production team was just rocking something pink as a showing of their involvement with the Barbie film.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any other looks at alternative outfits or a clear indication of what the sequence seems to be about. We only see the cast on set, and there’s still no sight of the massive cast of characters that joined the production. Who knows how Gerwig may twist the concept of Barbie to offer a modern piece that also explores the history of how Barbie defined the childhood of many.

Source: The Daily Mail

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