‘SHE-HULK’, ‘MOON KNIGHT’ Targeting March 2021 Starts

Kevin Feige and his creative team at Marvel Studios have made a priority of developing and producing high-quality content for Disney Plus. As we inch near FINALLY being able to see the first fruits of their labor when WandaVision streams in January, work has been completed on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, continues on with Loki, has begun on Ms. Marvel and is going to kick off on Hawkeye “after Thanksgiving.” With things seemingly on cruise control with that group, the studio has turned its attention to the final two series from the streaming services first Marvel Studios wave: She-Hulk and Moon Knight. Having landed their leads in Tatiana Maslany and Oscar Issac, the projects are now casting for supporting roles and, according to a new trade report, will kick off production in March of 2021.

Everything We Know About Marvel's She-Hulk Disney+ Series << Rotten  Tomatoes – Movie and TV News

She-Hulk will introduce Jennifer Walters, the cousin of Bruce Banner, to the MCU. The studio is currently casting a handful of strong supporting roles for the series which will be comedy heavy and follow Walters’ as she navigates the world of superhero law while also partaking in some superheroing of her own.

She-Hulk looks set for a lengthy production window. Originally planned to shoot for 8 months from August 2020-March 2021, it could now be looking at being in production in Atlanta for more than half of 2021 should they follow that same schedule when it kicks off production in late March.

Marvel has found its Moon Knight

While She-Hulk is being billed as a comedy, Moon Knight looks set to tackle some more serious issues, including the mental health of its lead, Marc Spector, and his multiple personalities. Imbued with powers by the Egyptian god Khonshu, the former mercenary becomes a street-level vigilante.

Using London as its production HQ, Moon Knight will film in multiple European locations, including Budapest. Marvel Studios projects such as Black Widow and Eternals have followed similar production plans in the past.

With these two projects now headed towards production, the studio has turned its attention to the next wave of streaming series. Kyle Bradstreet is currently writing a Samuel L. Jackson-led Nick Fury-centric series and I’ve heard that the studio has begun work on 2-3 other projects with Ironheart being mentioned by multiple sources. While we don’t have a lot of data points, it looks like the studio is pairing up projects when possible, so we could expect to hear about the partner series to Nick Fury before too long as the studio will want those up and running for production in mid-2021.

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