What to Expect from The Future of The DC Multiverse and When to Expect It

TBD 2022: NAOMI (season 1)

One of DC’s newest heroes is already making her way to the small screen via the CW. Naomi McDuffie was created by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker and Jamal Campbell in 2019 and the CW series was ordered just over 2 years later. Kaci Walfall will play Naomi, a multiversal metahuman who ends up on Earth-0.

Naomi McDuffie was born on an alternate earth but sent to the main universe to
protect her from Zumbado, the man who conquered her earth and killed those with powers.
Naomi works to uncover her origins and where she really came from, all while developing her
newfound abilities that allow her to manipulate energy


  • Kaci Walfall as Naomi McDuffie
  • Alexander Wraith as Dee
  • Cranston Johnson as Zumbado
  • Camila Morena as Lourdes
  • Barry Watson as Greg McDuffie
  • Mary-Charles Jones as Annabell
  • Aidan Gemme as Jacob
  • Mouzam Makkar as Jennifer
  • Daniel Puig as Nathan
  • Will Meyers as Anthony

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