James Gunn Provides ‘Superman: Legacy’ Casting Update

With the script for Superman: Legacy complete, the DC Studios reboot–slated for 2025–is a rarity right now in that it’s not felt the impact of the ongoing WGA strike and is continuing to make pre-production progress. While the potential SAG strike might change things up a bit for James Gunn’s new project, those are still tomorrow’s concerns and so, for now, Gunn is pushing ahead in the search for not only the next Man of Steel but the entire supporting cast.

According to Deadline, that search has been narrowed down considerably, and, over the weekend, Gunn conducted screen tests with some of the reported favorites for the roles of Kal-El and Lois Lane. Though Gunn has refrained from confirming or denying who might be on his list, it’s been widely reported thay Tom Brittney, David Corenswet and Nicholas Hoult are among the top contenders for Superman while Rachel Brosnahan, Pheobe Dynevor and Emma Mackey top his list of talent for Lois Lane. And while Gunn is not budging on revealing who he has in his sights for the roles, he did take to Bluesky to update the process.

Amazing amazing weekend of auditions for Superman: Legacy,” said Gunn. “I’m blown away by some of these actors, among the best I’ve ever seen or worked with.” Given the array of talented actors Gunn has aligned himself with in the past and the loyalty he has to them, that’s no small compliment coming from the director. With principal photography not set to begin until January 2024, Gunn still has plenty of time to find the right fit for each role and to make sure the actors have the right chemistry with one another.

Superman: Legacy is slated to hit theaters on July 11, 2025.

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