Old Foes Share a Meal on the Set of ‘Daredevil: Born Again’

While Marvel Studios has retconned the events of Marvel Television’s Daredevil into the MCU, the Season 3 finale does create some problems that will need to be resolved in Daredevil: Born Again. After dishing out a hellish beating to Wilson Fisk, Matt Murdock revealed himself as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen and the saw the big man headed off to prison. So how does someone like Fisk end up running forayor of NYC? Presumably those issues will be addressed in the new Disney Plus series and maybe Matt and Fisk will…chat about it over coffee?

A new photo from the New York City set of Daredevil: Born Again might just show that conversation as stars Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio were caught sharing a table at a diner.

X user OT_Tristan caught the stars, and at least one body double, in the Square Diner and it appears the two are at least amicable. Given it’s the middle of the day, Murdock isn’t wearing any of his many possible DD outfits but rather looks like he’s fresh out of the courtroom. We’ll have to wait until 2025 to find out what the two longtime enemies are talking about but hopefully it’s related to their last onscreen chat in Season 3 of Daredevil.

Source: X

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