‘Avatar’ Temporarily Removed from Disney+ for its Theatrical Return

avatar disney plus

Here’s a surprise it seems that Disney+ has temporarily taken Avatar, James Cameron‘s sci-fi epic, down to promote the upcoming re-release in theaters. It is currently getting a new two-week release with 4K and high-dynamic range restoration. It seems they have quietly removed it ahead of the re-release and if you’re worried this is another HBO Max, the film will return before Avatar: Way of the Water‘s release in December. It’s still currently available on other platforms if you are looking for a way to check it out from home.

It’s not the greatest move to quietly remove it, as we’ve seen in the past that theatrical availability doesn’t truly hamper its theatrical run. Especially if the plan is to also upload the 4K updated version. Of course, Disney sees a lot of potentials, and with the franchise already having multiple sequels already in some form of production, they will do everything they can to promote it as much as possible.

Luckily, this isn’t a scenario like with HBO Max that it’s permanently removed but it is a shame that such practices might be the usual move when trying to get a re-release more attention while it is in theaters. We’ll see if this will truly last and it’ll return once the two weeks theatrical run is over or if we really have to wait until shortly before Way of the Water‘s release later this year.

Source: Variety

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