Heartfelt ‘Bluey’ Episode “The Sign” Inspired a Ryan Reynolds/Zillow Team-Up

The Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) and the BBC’s animated series, Bluey, has taken the world by storm. First debuting in Australia in 2019, the series has become wildly popular across all of Disney’s platforms, including Disney Plus. While buzz has grown that the series may be ending, a trio of new episodes recently debuted they have torn at viewer’s heart strings even more than normal.

As seen in “Ghostbasket”, the Heeler family began the process of selling their family home. The home was indeed sold in the extended-length episode, “The Sign”, before a last-minute change of heart by the buyers gave the Heelers a chance to stay home after regretting selling the home that was central to so many memories for the cartoon canines and fans alike.

On the heels of that episode, Ryan Reynolds‘ Maximum Effort teamed with Zillow to create a spot to remind families that “selling your home can be a pawsitive experience.” In a wonderful touch, actor Dan Brumm, who voices Bluey’s Uncle Stripe, was hired to narrate the piece, which you can watch below.

From Zillow and Maximum Effort

Parents everywhere have found themselves on an emotional rollercoaster after watching “The Sign”,  a moving episode of the beloved children’s series, Bluey, where the furry family of four comes close to selling their home.

While selling your home can be an emotional experience, Zillow is here to remind you that it can actually be great.

Bluey gets it right: moving is hard. Zillow research finds 51% of parents cry at least once while selling their home, yet 81% say their most recent move was worth it. Parents can reduce the stress (and tears) involved in a move, and Zillow has six tips that can help. 

Manage your own stress first — Children often take on their parents’ emotions, so taking steps to reduce your stress during a move can help everyone. On Zillow, you can assemble a team of experts you trust: a top-rated lender and an agent who will work together to coordinate your sale and new purchase.

Start early — Prepare your children for a move as early as possible. Children younger than 10 would benefit from hands-on materials to help. Use a map to show them where their new home or school will be. Look at photos online and point out their new bedroom or the tree in the backyard that’s perfect for climbing.

Allow time for goodbyes — Set up playdates to give your child a chance to say goodbye to their friends and neighbors. Make a plan to visit favorite neighborhood spots one last time, and make a memory box to save souvenirs that remind your child of their old home, friends or neighborhood.

Maintain connections — Help your child create a concrete way to stay connected with friends through email, text, letters or phone calls. Prior to your moving day, consider establishing a date for when you’ll come back to visit.

Create a sense of belonging — Help your child settle into their new home by unpacking boxes in their room as soon as you can. Give them the feeling of ownership over their space by allowing them to decorate or select special furnishings they want. 

Be consistent — Return to family routines as quickly as possible with established bedtimes, family time and mealtimes. 

About Bluey

Bluey is a heartwarming Australian children’s television show that follows the playful adventures of a lovable blue heeler pup named Bluey and her family. Through animated storytelling, the series captures the joy and imagination of childhood, offering a fun and educational experience for kids and families alike.

Bluey, along with her sister Bingo and their parents Bandit and Chilli, embark on a variety of imaginative escapades that showcase the bonds of family and the power of play. From imaginative games of make-believe to outdoor adventures in their backyard, Bluey and her family navigate the ups and downs of everyday life with curiosity and creativity.

The show’s playful attributes shine through in each episode as Bluey and her friends embark on energetic and joyful adventures. Whether they’re exploring the wonders of their surroundings, learning valuable life lessons, or simply enjoying each other’s company, Bluey and her friends always find ways to make the most of every moment.

With its endearing characters, relatable storytelling, and heartwarming messages about friendship, family, and imagination, Bluey has become a beloved favorite among children and parents alike. Through its playful antics and heartwarming moments, the show encourages kids to embrace their creativity, cherish their relationships, and approach life with a sense of wonder and adventure.

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