EXCLUSIVE: ‘Ms. Marvel’ Co-Creator Wants Thomas Edison For Season 2

Seemingly missing from this season of Ms. Marvel is the infamous avian foe of Kamala Khan, a bipedal, talking parrot that also happens to be the clone of Thomas Edison. In the comics, Edison plays a big part in Kamala Khan’s early superhero days as the first supervillain she comes across.

In an exclusive interview with Ms. Marvel co-creator and show producer Sana Amanat, we asked about the possibility of seeing this wacky character in the MCU and if he would even work believably.

I think so! I think it could work. We’ll find a way to work it in. Give me a Season 2. We’ll see [laughs].

This year in the MCU alone has seen all kinds of wacky characters in live-action. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness saw a dead Doctor Strange come to life and a bovine sorceress fight Scarlet Witch. Moon Knight had a talking bipedal crocodile and hippopotamus. With how far the MCU has come, a bird clone of Thomas Edison isn’t much of a step too far. Should a Season 2 for Ms. Marvel be greenlit, Thomas Edison would be at the top of a list of characters that we’d like to see.

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