‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Cast Tease What’s to Come in the Next Movie

avatar 3

Avatar: The Way of Water has finally hit theaters after a long wait and it looks like we’re about to enter Pandora with a lot more to explore once more. Director James Cameron is ready to give viewers everything he has and with the third film already prepared, the cast got a chance to share what it was like in an interview with ComicBook.com about filming these two projects back-to-back. Such as Jack Champion teasing about knowing what was going to happen in the third entry with them spending “two whole days reading the whole movie.”

I’ve read two and three, so, I know what happens in two and three and, yeah, I can say that… Well, at the table read we had two and three, which was like, you know, basically this much. And we had, we spent two whole days reading the whole movie.

Jack Champion

Trinity Bliss goes on to highlight that they filmed both movies back-to-back but sometimes also do scenes from the third movie while still filming the second entry. She highlights that it helped the actors learn about Pandora “on a grand scale” which helped them dive deeper into the world.

Well we block shot two and three, so, there are days that we would be doing scenes from two and three at the same time. Like, we’ll do a scene from two, then a scene from three. And because of that, those worlds kind of merged. But it was cool because us as actors are learning about the world of Pandora on a grand scale. Cause we’re gonna keep exploring it and keep meeting new characters as all franchises do as they evolve.

Trinity Bliss

That’s not all, as Stephen Lang shared the excitement about how much “depth” it gives the characters and the planet they inhabit.

If all that happened was the Quaritch became a repeat of what he was in the first film, I don’t think it would be worth doing. But that’s just not the case with Jim Cameron. You know it’s gonna get denser, it’s gonna get deeper and more expansive. For me, for an actor, it’s just a real field day to be able to explore this character and to find the heart in the character. Because I think in the original story, he’s got some attributes, he’s got a certain amount of charisma and dynamism. He’s a good leader and he’s loyal, you know, he’s got some stuff. But now we begin to see some of the depth of the character as well. Hopefully, hopefully you see the depth!

Stephen Lang

It’s definitely a different kind of blockbuster that Cameron is setting up, but the director has always had a go big or go home mentality. The director offer something unique for those looking for that different blockbuster experience. It looks like the third entry will offer even more of that.

Source: ComicBook.com

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