BREAKING: Liv Tyler to Return in ‘Captain America 4’

captain america 4

No, you read that correctly but Marvel Studios will finally reintroduce Betty Ross to the world, as Liv Tyler is set to reprise her role from The Incredible Hulk in the upcoming fourth entry of the Captain America franchise, Captain America: New World Order. Anthony Mackie‘s Sam Wilson will take on the mantle he took over during Falcon and the Winter Soldier as he faces some new threats.

For those that might’ve forgotten, she played the role in 2008 and hasn’t been in a Marvel Studios project since. It was the second entry in the franchise right after Iron Man in the same year when Edward Norton was still attached as Bruce Banner. If they have bigger plans for her character, she will also have her first meeting with Mark Ruffalo, who took over in The Avengers back in 2012.

She’s not the only returning actor from that long-forgotten Hulk film, as Tim Blake Nelson is also finally appearing as the Leader in the Captain America film. While it will also feature her father, Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, the late and great William Hurt sadly won’t be returning, but his character will live on with Harrison Ford is set to take over the role in the upcoming film.

It’s interesting to see so many Hulk characters in a Captain America film, but it may be set up more in the future. Liv Tyler was actually rumored for some time to appear in a Marvel project. Once again it reminds you just how big this franchise has grown and the legacy it still holds with characters returning we haven’t seen in almost 15 years.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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