CinemaCon: Major Marvel Studios Movie Missing from Kevin Feige’s Presentation

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – APRIL 11: Kevin Feige, President, Marvel Studios speaks onstage during the Walt Disney Studios presentation at Cinemacon in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 11, 2024. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

Kevin Feige‘s first trip to CinemaCon was impressive, revealing first look footage at Marvel Studios’ next two theatrical releases, Deadpool and Wolverine, out July 26th, and Captain America: Brave New World, slated for February 14, 2025. In addition to the footage, Feige talked about a pair of projects also set for 2025 releases, Thunderbolts* and The Fantastic Four. Notably absent from the panel, however, was another projected slated for 2025 that’s been the subject of fan concerns for some time.

Some Motherfuckers Are Always Trying to Ice-Skate Uphill

First announced at SDCC ’19, the development of Marvel Studios’ Mahershala Ali-led Blade reboot has been as nightmarish as Dominic Purcell‘s portrayal of Dracula in 2004’s Blade: Trinity. A new writer here (Michael Green is the sixth writer to work on the film’s script), a new director there and multiple delays to the start of production have led fans to wonder if the Daywalker will ever see the light of day.

Though recent rumors indicate the project is headed in the right direction–and it sounds like a pretty badass direction–fans are still hesitant to believe the film will hit theaters, much less make its current November7, 2025 release date. That concern was exacerbated when Feige failed to mention Blade at CinemaCon while every other 2025 film was given at least some level of attention.

The World You Live in Is Just a Sugar-Coated Topping

Is Blade cancelled? Has it been moved to 2026?

At this point, there’s been no indication that Blade won’t get made. In fact, as recently as March 2024, reliable sources indicated a late-2024 start of production in the UK was on the schedule. What’s more likely, especially with Bob Iger‘s return to Disney coming with a mandate to make sure projects don’t begin production until they’ve passed some quality checks, is that Disney isn’t sure if it will make its 2025 date or move into 2026.

And, at this point in time, that’s just fine. As the old adage goes,”a finely crafted blade will never meet as many blows on the battlefield as it did on the anvil.” With three films (Captain America: Breve New World, Thunderbolts* and The Fantastic Four) seemingly assured to release in 2025, Marvel Studios can comfortably take their time on the anvil to make sure their Blade is finely crafted.

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