Crew Merch for ‘Captain America 4’ Teases a Rulky Adversary for Sam Wilson

After bringing Matthew Orton on to rewrite parts of the film, Captain America: Brave New World still has plenty of work to do before it hits screens in 2025. Rumors persist that the film’s first action scene–which apparently featured the Serpent Society–has been totally cut from the film. While the extent of the reshoots is unknown, Harrison Ford‘s role as the MCU’s new Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross is safe and a piece of crew merchandise seemingly confirms that his gamma-fueled alter ego will indeed make an appearance in the film.

A pair of pictures that first appeared on Reddit give a good look at the new logo for the film, which was retitled from Captain America: New World Order, and a second very ominous logo.

While there’s been little doubt that Ross’ appearance in the film would lead to him finally becoming the Red Hulk, the logo confirms that transformation will take place while also seemingly indicating that Sam Wilson’s Captain America will square off against Ross’ Red Hulk in the film.

Source: Reddit

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