Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Finds its Lucky Roux

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It’s been quite the dry period since Tudum gave us table scraps on what the future has in store with Netflix and Tomorrow Studios’ live-action adaptation of One Piece. We did get a tease of the impressive practical sets during Geeked Week, it has calmed down quite a bit. Luckily, there are still some castings that manage to find their way online, such as the first member of the Red-Haired Shanks’ crew being revealed, the iconic Lucky Roux.

As first shared by @OP_Netflix_Fan on twitter, actor Ntlanhla Kutu has shared on his CV that he is set to play Lucky Roux in Project Panda, the name the production had for quite some time during its time filming in South Africa. He’s included as “Support” without any further details on how many episodes he’ll be a part of or even which director he worked with.

Roux has a very small role in One Piece, as while he’s an important member of Shank’s crew, he doesn’t appear often throughout the story. To be fair, that is the case for everyone in Shanks’s crew and even their captain. So, we may only get a short appearance early on in the series’ flashback to Luffy’s youth. Maybe the series will give us a glimpse of his dynamic with Yellowjackets Peter Gadiot, who will play the man who will give Luffy his iconic Strawhat, and the rest of the crew. He also played an important part on showcasing just how dangerous pirates can be if they are underestimated, and hopefully Kutu gets his time to shine in the role.

Source: Twitter via Authentik

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