‘The Acolyte’ Star Teases “Never Done Before” Sith-Focused Storyline

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It wasn’t until earlier this month that rumors started to spread that Logan‘s Dafne Keen was going to have a role in the upcoming Star Wars series, The Acolyte. Now that her casting has been confirmed, the actress got a chance to sit down with TechRadar to talk about the upcoming series and has offered a glimpse of what we can expect.

She promises that this story “has never been done before” as it’ll be focused on a Sith rather than the usual Jedi, or even a member of the Resistance/Rebels. As such, it’ll likely be one of the franchise’s darkest stories, as we get to explore a time 100 years before the prequel movies.

I can tease that it’s a prequel! No, I mean, as you know, it’s set 100 years before the prequel movies, and it’s kind of an explanation of how the Sith infiltrated the Jedi. It’s a Sith-led story, which has never been done before. It’s been really fun to film – the cast is amazing, and the director and crew are just lovely. The whole experience is wonderful, and I’m already excited for people to see it.

Dafne Keen

There’s a lot of potential on taking a look at how the Sith got to where they were in the prequels, especially if this isn’t going to take the usual redemption route. Even in Obi-Wan Kenobi we saw how the Sith operate during the Empire’s reign but that was from the perspective of Reva, who’s not fully pictured as a villain. Of course, this story could still be about a Sith finding their way back to the light, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the direction they are going. Whatever it may be, it could become one of Disney+’s next highly anticipated series.

Source: TechRadar

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