‘Sonic Frontiers’ Roadmap Reveals More Playable Characters in Future DLC

sonic frontiers dlc

Here’s something I don’t think anyone expected, but Sonic Frontiers is seemingly getting a roadmap for 2023. Not just that, but the game will receive three major updates throughout the year with the final one being the most surprising. While they are seemingly adding some small aspects like a new Koco, time trials and photo mode, Update 3 promises to be the biggest update for the game.

While it’s unclear if this DLC will be for free, it does seem like they will add a new story alongside confirming playable characters. Yes, you read that correct: characters as in plural. so, it seems like we’ll be able to play as Knuckles, Amy and Sonic going by the new visual, but we can only speculate as of now. If this means they are only playable in specific missions or in the open world maps remains unknown.

That’s quite the big update, especially if it ends up for free for those that own a copy. The game offers something a little different for fans of the franchise, as we finally venture out into an open world environment that is broken up in multiple hubs. You also have some more classic levels sprinkled throughout that pay homage to the many games that came before; Green Hill Zone naturally makes a return as well.

Multiple playable characters as DLC adds the question if the “new story” teased in the official tweet also means that each character gets their own story like in Sonic Adventure DX, or rather just an overarching one as you switch from one to the next, something closer to Sonic Adventure 2. No matter what direction they decide to go, it definitely is exciting for those that were hoping to play more of Sonic Frontiers more in the future.

Source: Twitter

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