DC Studios Shifts Its Streaming Slate

Later this year, DC Studios will release the animated streaming series Creature Commandos, the first project of the all-new, all-different DCU. It’s been expected for some time that the next in-universe streamer would be Waller, which was originally on track to debut in 2024; however, according to an update from DC Studios co-chair James Gunn, that’s no longer the case.

Following an interview in which Peacemaker co-star Jennifer Holland revealed that casting on the second season of the Max streaming series was set to kick off this Summer, Gunn took to Threads to clarify how production on the series would fit into his busy schedule. As was the case with the first season of Peacemaker, Gunn wrote the scripts for the second season which he confirmed have been completed. And though he’ll still be working on finishing up Superman, Gunn will still direct some episodes of Peacemaker Season 2, though likely not as many as he did in the first season where he helmed 5 episodes. The bigger news, however, was that due to the 2023 strikes, Waller is still being written by Jeremy Carver and Christal Henry and will now be released–and be set–after Peacemaker Season 2.

Originally described as Peacemaker Season 1.5, Waller now finds itself in a new spot. With both Peacemaker Season 2 and Waller set within the same continuity as Creature Commandos and Superman, fans had been theorizing that Waller would serve to explain how characters such as John Cena‘s Peacemaker, John Economos and Waller herself made the jump into the new DCU. While it remains to be seen how that will be addressed if at all, it looks like that ball may now be in Peacemaker’s court.

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