Grace VanderWall on How Stargirl Has Changed Going into ‘Hollywood Stargirl’

hollywood stargirl

Hollywood Stargirl is on the horizon which continues the film that released on Disney+ back in 2020. While the sequel continues where the previous left off with Stargirl and her mother movie across the nation, it does not, in fact, adapt the original sequel novel written by Jerry Spinelli. So, it gives its star Grace VanderWall the opportunity to shape the character in new ways together with director Julia Hart.

In the film’s press conference, VanderWall was asked what we can expect from Stargirl Calaway and how she may have changed from the last time we saw her a few years ago. It seems the biggest change, as with any coming-of-age story, is that she has matured and also takes a closer look at what it means to go on that journey into adulthood.

So, she’s still her but I think that the difference in this one is she’s just maturing and kind of defining that word of maturity and what it really means to her.

Grace VanderWall

She also highlighted how “nerve-wracking” it was returning to the role, while also growing alongside her and how it helped her “appreciate and be honored even more to play her character.”

So, it was very nerve-wracking, but I just feel like I just slowly grow more and more love for her. And just so happy to get to play her and she, you know, she’s growing up. She’s seeing the world, and experiencing different things.

Grace VanderWall

After being more of a main side character in the first Stargirl film, but she gets the spotlight this time around. We’ll see just how much she’s evolved and what Los Angeles has in store for her when Hollywood Stargirl releases on Disney+ on June 3rd, 2022.

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