Bad Bunny Shares What Inspired Him to Tackle the Sony Marvel Film ‘El Muerto’

Many were quite surprised when the announcement came that singer Bad Bunny is joining the Marvel universe. What caught everyone off-guard was that he was joining another of the many Spider-Man spinoffs that don’t feature the web-head and it would focus on one of his most obscure characters, El Muerto.

In an interview with GQ, Bad Bunny not only promoted his new album but also got a chance to share what inspired him to tackle the project and why he chose El Muerto as his character. As it turns out, his time growing up “watching wrestling” played a big part in the choice.

I grew up watching wrestling. This role is perfect, and I know ‘El Muerto’ is going to be epic. I’m a Marvel fan and the fact that I’m now part of this family still feels like a dream.

Bad Bunny

It’s definitely going to be interesting how they tackle this project and if it may generally be a more self-contained story and not build up to a crossover, which was hinted at in the post-credit sequence of Morbius. There are still many questions surrounding what exactly Sony’s goal is with his franchise, and here’s hoping that it becomes a bit more clear in the near future.

Source: GQ

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