‘The Bob’s Burgers Movie’ Director on Teasing the Film’s Storyline With Easter Eggs in the Series

bobs burgers easter egg

If you’ve ever wondered if the upcoming The Bob’s Burgers Movie was going to act as a standalone story that doesn’t connect to the series, it seems that the writers have purposefully hidden Easter eggs that build-up to its release. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that a crack was starting to grow just outside of their restaurant, and it was included to build-up up the sinkhole that is the main storyline for the film.

Director Bernard Derriman revealed that they definitely mapped out how the crack would continue to grow in the press conference. He highlights that it’ll reach its peak in the episode before the film hits theaters, highlighting more that viewers will be rewarded for checking out the latest episode before watching the film.

That’s from, well, obviously there’s a sinkhole. That’s not giving anything away. So, we had that plan once
we knew when the movie was coming out, we just started to work in this crack that gets bigger and bigger. It gets as big as it gets before the movie in this Sunday’s episode, actually.

Bernard Derriman

It’s a clever little background detail that really cemented that they had this mapped out the moment they knew they got to make the movie. Not only does it also help solidify where it takes place in the overall series but also is something that long-time fans will feel rewarded for noticing going into the film. So, we’ll see if there are some other Easter eggs that they may have snuck in that connect to the film’s storyline.

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