‘Doctor Strange 2’ Producer Teases a New Illuminati in the Main MCU

doctor strange illuminati

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has introduced the world to universe 838’s version of the Avengers, the Illuminati. While this universe hinted that they were the ones to take down Thanos, they were originally a secret organization in the comics. Most of its members were the smartest and most powerful members of each respective corner of the Marvel comics. Their introduction made some question if the main timeline would also feature the group.

Luckily, Doctor Strange producer Richie Palmer has teased that their inclusion in the multiverse does not exclude a chance that the Illuminati will make a return at some point in the future. No, not the version that was killed at the hands of Wanda, as he hints that the main MCU could see their introduction one day.

The Illuminati’s been a group we’ve wanted to introduce in our movies for years. They’re a secret organization that works off the grid. They do the things that the other groups like the Avengers wouldn’t be too happy about… To do it in an alternate universe in the Multiverse, was a really exciting thing because we get to meet a version of this group in this other universe, and then we still might get to see an Illuminati of our main MCU one day, which is also very exciting.

Richie Palmer

It would seem unlikely that Doctor Strange would join that group, or perhaps he felt a little inspired to do what they couldn’t do. Perhaps they go into a direction that sees the group already existing with members that are slowly recruiting throughout the next phase. It’ll be interesting to see where and how they might show up.

Source: Disney+ via The Direct

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