Ubisoft Debunks Rumors of In Development ‘Blade’ Game

blade rumor

Just the other day, an Instagram post by Edwin Gaffey potentially hinted at what might turn out to be a game based on the popular vampire hunter Blade. There was no exact confirmation but with the word “Marvel” and a few online detectives, the rumors went around hoping to see the character’s first solo outing.

Many also noticed the connection to Ubisoft making the hint that it could be an open-world game, but it looks like there isn’t one in development after all as Ubisoft has taken to its Twitter account to confirm that they aren’t actively working on a Blade game, but shared their enthusiasm for the upcoming MCU adaptation. It’s probably the first in a long time that a rumor had a life of its own that ended up leading to them having to outright debunk it.

Ubisoft has a reputation for how they design their games, but it does open the question if they are potentially working on a different Marvel project. Of course, it could be just a production title that may have been accidentally misled as it was meant for a different project. Of course, we won’t know for sure until further details are revealed on whatever this game might end up being but there’s still an upcoming streaming event that could confirm what it might be.

Source: Twitter

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