‘House of the Dragon’ is 2022’s Most Watched Premiere

house of the dragon viewership

It looks like HBO and HBO Max have a hit on their hands. Deadline has reported data from third-party analysis SambaTV that the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon has the highest same-day viewership of 2022. It stands at 2.6M viewers, which is the best for any premium cable or streaming service so far. Though these can go even higher, as Samba only measures based on a panel of three million households.

Samba TV has been our main point of analysis in regards to how streaming services’ latest shows have performed. As transparency hasn’t quite reached the level for us to understand how exactly these projects are performing, third parties offer our best insight yet. So, it’s definitely interesting to see just how big the House of the Dragon premiere ended up being. These numbers even beat the day-and-date numbers of their movie releases from last year.

What makes this viewership stand out is that it even doubled same-day data for Stranger Things, which was among Netflix’s biggest releases. Perhaps the potential of a redemption story after the more mixed received final seasons of Game of Thrones pulled in quite the viewership curiosity. We also shouldn’t forget just how large this franchise was when it first premiered on HBO years ago and redefined what it meant to produce a blockbuster TV series.

Source: Deadline, Twitteere

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