‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ Already Made $42M in Pre-Sales

multiverse of madness presales

CinemaCon is the place to highlight the future of cinema, and it seems Disney is making a big splash with its even today. While we just got some footage showcased and even a tease for what the future has in store for fans. Yet, they also snuck in one major announcement as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has seemingly already made $42M in pre-sales to date according to the announcement made during the Disney panel.

Our only comparison point for the presales is that Multiverse of Madness already outpaced The Batman, which was on its path to making around $800M. So, it seems almost like the film has a set path to manage a billion box office run. Yet, the film is also getting banned in some regions due to the inclusion of LGBTQ representation. Disney and Marvel Studios are staying true to their vision of the film.

If there’s uncertainty, Spider-Man: No Way Home managed to almost hit $2 billion without even releasing it in China. So, who knows if the international market is changing into a new generation as the pandemic is slowly calming down and things are returning to somewhat of normalcy for now. We’ll see just how big the film may end up being once it releases next week.

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