Wong and Strange Fight Gargantos in New Footage Description of ‘Multiverse of Madness’ From CinemaCon

doctor strange ultiverse of madness footage

While the Disney panel kicked off with a sizzle reel, it didn’t take long for Marvel Studios to take the stage and share some details. Yet, that isn’t all as they also had some footage of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ready for those attending CinemaCon. It seems that they include footage of America Chavez meeting a Strange, very likely Defender Strange, before heading out and accidentally dragging a monster into the mainline MCU, which leads to some great action sequences featuring Wong, as shared by ScreenRant.

Erik Davis has also shared a description revealing they saw 20 minutes of the film, which includes a few multiversal battle sequences, confirming that the one they fight is probably Gargantos, the MCU’s Shuma-Gorath, and it even includes a Spider-Man reference.

So, it seems that we might have a good grasp of how the film opens up. At some point in her travels through the multiverse, America Chavez is going to stumble upon a Variant of Strange before accidentally bringing it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we’ve grown accustomed to. Though, it does open up the question what exactly are the events that drag that version of Strange into the multiverse as a result of these events, and will Gargantos even have a bigger part in the story to begin with.

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