‘Eternals’ Was the Most Streamed Marvel Studios Film of 2022

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In what may come as a surprise to some, Marvel Studio’s Eternals was the most streamed film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2022. The Chloe Zhao-directed film ranked 13th in Nielsen’s list of the Top 15 Streaming Movies of 2022, and is the only film from Marvel Studios present. Below is the full list of films and their view count.

  1. Encanto (27.416 billion / Disney+)
  2. Turning Red (11.427 billion / Disney+)
  3. Sing 2 (11.347 billion / Netflix)
  4. Moana (8.629 billion / Disney+)
  5. The Adam Project (6.141 billion / Netflix)
  6. Hocus Pocus 2 (5.697 billion / Disney+)
  7. Don’t Look Up (5.141 billion / Netflix)
  8. Frozen (5.133 billion /  Disney+)
  9. Luca (4.974 billion / Disney+)
  10. The Gray Man (4.972 billion / Netflix)
  11. Zootopia (4.437 billion / Disney+)
  12. Coco (4.253 billion / Disney+)
  13. Eternals (4.236 billion / Disney+)
  14. Frozen II (4.195 billion / Disney+)
  15. Uncharted (4.179 billion / Netflix)

The list from Nielsen highlights the dominance that both Disney+ and Netflix hold in the streaming landscape. Based on their view counts and subscriber numbers, the two are definitive benchmarks for successful streaming services. This group of 15 films also highlights the domination child-oriented family movies hold in the film industry.

When it comes to Eternals specifically, this type of data could be seen as a promising sign for fans of the original film. While the 2021 theatrical release was one of the lowest performing from both financial and critical perspectives for Marvel Studios, it appears the film has found a sizeable audience on Disney+. With that in mind, one could see such a high view count as a check in the plus column for continuing the franchise for at least a sequel project (if it was ever in doubt to begin with). Though an interesting possibility could then be to move the Eternals franchise exclusively to Disney+. The film has at least appeared to be more accessible via streaming. And allowing a longer runtime that isn’t constrained for a sequel could help further expand the stories of these characters, something that could’ve helped the critical success of the rare mixed performance of a Marvel Studios film.

Source: The Direct

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