Hugh Jackman Talks Returning as Wolverine, Teases Title Change for ‘Deadpool 3’

Ryan Reynolds shocked fans around the world when he revealed that he had coaxed Hugh Jackman into reprising the role of Wolverine for Marvel Studios Deadpool 3. Jackman was adamant that his work with the character, who he played in nine films over seventeen years, and gave the character a proper send-off in 2017’s Logan. However, according to Jackman, discussions about a potential return as the character have been ongoing for longer than anyone might have thought.

In an interview with Variety, Jackman admits that the topic has been on his mind since seeing Deadpool in 2016, before he had begun filming Logan, but after he had publicly stated it would be his last hurrah as the character.

I went to a screening of ‘Deadpool.’ I was 20 minutes in, and I was like, ‘Ah, damn it!’” Jackman said. “All I kept seeing in my head was ‘48 Hrs.’ with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy. So it’s been brewing for a long time. It just took me longer to get here.

Hugh Jackman

According to Jackman, Reynolds was eager to get him involved with Deadpool 3, especially once Marvel Studios gained the live-action rights to the characters in Disney’s 2019 merger with Fox, asking him “on the daily” to consider a Wolverine and Deadpool team-up. It wasn’t until this August (after Jackman believed that Reynolds had given up), however, that Jackman agreed to the deal.

Currently scheduled for a release date of November 8th, 2024, filming is expected to begin on the film next year. And while it’s been referred to as Deadpool 3, Jackman says that title might have to change. “I’m pretty sure Wolverine wouldn’t like that title,” teased Jackman in his interview with Variety. Surely Reynolds won’t begrudge a title change that includes Wolverine, given how long he’s pursued Jackman for the project.

Source: Variety

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