James Cameron Says ‘Avatar 4’ Is So Nuts It Made the Studio Say the F-Word

Avatar: The Way of Water is so close to theatrical release, audiences can almost taste it. When it finally drops, it will only be the second film in the Avatar franchise, but director James Cameron has much bigger plans than just two movies. The Hollywood legend has infamously spent the last decade of his career developing multiple sequels to his 2009 megahit, with the third entry reportedly already done with the filming process. Not to be contained, Cameron has stated he has outlines for an overall Avatar story that lasts up to seven or eight films, though whether or not he winds up helming all of them remains to be seen. Either way, in a recent interview with Collider, the creative made a big promise that each sequel will only be more insane than the last.

Cameron has a long history of not holding back in his work, as evidenced by his gutsy bet to fully film sequels to a project that has yet to even release. However, according to his conversation with Collider, the currently-untitled Avatar 4 may be his most “nuts” achievement yet. The Titanic filmmaker explained a hilarious behind-the-scenes scenario during the interview:

I can’t tell you the details, but all I can say is that when I turned in the script for 2, the studio gave me three pages of notes. And when I turned in the script for 3, they gave me a page of notes, so I was getting better. When I turned in the script for 4, the studio executive, creative executive over the films wrote me an email that said, ‘Holy f-ck.’ And I said, ‘Well, where are the notes?’ And she said, ‘Those are the notes.’ Because it kind of goes nuts in a good way, right?

James Cameron

There’s no telling what audiences might be in store for when Avatar 4 hits cinemas on December 18th, 2026, but they can get a better idea when Avatar: The Way of Water drops on December 16th (of this year).

Source: Collider

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