‘Loki’ Producer Reveals Michael Waldron is Writing Both ‘Avengers’ Sequels

There was a time when everyone was claiming that Loki creator and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness writer Michael Waldron was no longer involved with Avengers: Secret Wars. After his work on the hit Disney+ series, it seemed like the writer could do no wrong but things quickly changed after online chatter started surrounding the Doctor Strange sequel.

Yet, it seems that Michael Waldron actually took on a new role. As rumors started spreading that fellow Rick and Morty scribe Jeff Loveness was no longer attached, it would make sense that they take a similar approach they did with Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame given the films set up each other directly.

The information comes from Loki producer Kevin Wright, who was part of an interview with the ComicBook.com Phase One podcast, where he revealed that not only where they allowed to tell the story they wanted, but Waldron is potentially involved with the other projects.

As far as where it’s all going, I can’t say and not because I am being coy, we’re not a part of those projects. What I would say is, I mean, I know Michael Waldron is working on them and he loves obviously this world as he helped create it.

Kevin Wright

Waldron‘s involvement makes sense with both films as the Loki series sets up the Secret Wars storyline and he’s set up quite a few elements that would tie the story together. We still don’t know just how involved the entire Kang the Conqueror storyline is going to be moving forward but there’s a possibility that they’ll use the opportunity to recast.

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