Mark Ruffalo Addresses the Rumors of Another ‘Hulk’ Solo Film

Since rumors about a potential World War Hulk(s) film circulated a couple of years ago, information about a second Marvel Studios-produced Hulk film has dried up almost entirely. With Red Hulk believed to be set to appear in Captain America: Brave New World, the stage seems set for the studio to put together some sort of Battle of the Hulks project; however, it’s not so simple as putting together a script and starting production when it comes to the Hulk and associated characters.

Similar to Spider-Man, yet unique and a little different, the live-action rights to the Hulk have always been tied up in a deal that now involves NBCUniversal. While it’s thought that perhaps some settlement has been reached during negotiations over Hulu that would allow Disney to take over the rights to the character, nothing official has ever been shared. If the old deal were still in place, Marvel could make the film but would ultimately share profits with NBCUniversal. Still, Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo has expressed the desire to continue to evolve the character on the screen and has made it known he’d love to do another solo Hulk project. While talking with Comic Book, Ruffalo was asked if there was a change of possession of the live-action rights following the Disney an NBCUniversal deal.

Not that I know of,” Ruffalo began before adding that he’d “been asked not to comment on it, that specifically.” Once a fountain of MCU spoilers, it seems that Ruffalo has been the subject of some recalibration by Disney. While he wasn’t able to reveal any major updates on the status of the live-action rights, he did, however, share that he was as hopeful as anyone that another Hulk film might happen and that if it does, he’s got some ideas about what it should be. “Hopefully, one day though they’ll work it out,” he said of the right’s exchange. “I think [another MCU-set Hulk film] could be really cool and I’ve been putting a lot into what it could be to be cool, but I don’t know yet.

If such a project is officially in the works at Marvel Studios and part of the Multiverse Saga, perhaps Disney will find a way to share some news in 2024.

Source: Comic Book

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