First Details Emerge about Marvel Studios’ ‘X-Men’ Roster

Marvel Studios began the search for a writer for their X-Men reboot in late 2023 and according to a recent report, the studio is closing in on finding the scribe who will bring the team of mutant heroes into the MCU. As fans wait to find out just who that might be, a new round of rumors might give some insight into who will make up the new team.

According to insider Daniel RPK, Marvel Studios’ team will be female-focused and though it will introduce some characters who have not yet appeared in live-action, the plan is to include “main characters we all know.”

While RPK’s report doesn’t come with any specifics about who those characters might be, connecting the dots to some previously shared reports and sprinkling in a little guess work might provide some idea of characters who should at least be in the mix.


Outside of Cyclops, no X-Man was done dirtier than Storm was by Fox. Ororo has long been one of the team’s most beloved and best curated characters and deserves a proper live-action treatment.

Kitty Pryde

If your only exposure to Kitty comes from the Fox live-action films, you truly have no idea how great of a character she is. In the comics, Kitty has grown into one of the X- men’s greatest leaders. A no-brainer no matter what the focus is.


Another victim of Fox’s Wolverine obsession, Rogue’s prominence in X-Men ’97 only makes it more likely she ends up on the team. As was the case when X-Men: The Animated Series ran in the ’90s, Rogue is one of the most popular characters and her portrayal is nearly perfect. It’s an easy move for the studio that should provide big results.


Like Pryde, Jubilee is a character that I once heard Kevin Feige thought highly of. Like Rogue, Jubilee is a prominent part of X-Men ’97. Like everyone else on this list, she was all but ignored by Fox.


As shared by Erik Davis, Dazzler is a favorite of Feige’s. Is there a need for two characters with light-based powers on the team? I don’t know but Feige likes them both and there are plenty of X-Men movies to make over the next 10-20 years.

Of course, were not even scratching the surface here. Marvel Studios may still wish to include Jean Grey, Betsy Braddock, Emma Frost, Polaris or even Mystique. Then there’s the matter of what other “main characters” they chose to include. While one can only hope they finally do Cyclops justice, we’ll believe when we see it.

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