RUMOR: Marvel Orders Up a Second Season of ‘Hawkeye’

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When it debuted in 2021, Hawkeye was a hit with fans and critics alike. The series saw Jeremy Renner‘s Avenging Archer reluctantly take Hailee Steinfeld‘s Kate Bishop under his wing to take on New York City’s criminal underworld run by Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Kingpin. The show packed quite a punch, driving a spinoff series focused on Alaqua Cox‘s Maya Lopez, and Steinfeld quickly became a fan favorite as Hawkeye-in-training. Given its success and Steinfeld’s popularity, Marvel fans have been wondering what’s next for the characters and now it seems the studio has figured out their next move.

According to the internet’s busiest bee, My Time To Shine Hello, Marvel Studios has ordered up a second season of Hawkeye. No timeline was given for when the Marvel Television series might head into production or stream on Disney Plus.

In addition to reporting that another season of Hawkeye is in the works, MTTSH also shared some potential plot points. According to the scooper, Season 2 will take inspiration from the 2011 movie The Raid and see the Hawkeyes pinned down in “one location.” Finally, MTTSH alleges that Clint’s brother, Barney Barton, stands to play a “major role” in the sophomore season. In the comics, Barney was an FBI agent who, like his brother, was a high-level athlete. After being trained by Buck Chisholm–the man who trained Clint–and manipulated by Baron Zemo, Barney became a masked villain known as Trickshot and was part of Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers. Following an intense brawl with his brother, Barney and Clint have reconciled and worked together on some missions in recent years.

The new season will mark the return of Renner to the role for the first time since a near-fatal accident in 2023. Outside of Renner and Steinfeld, the rumor provided no information on the potential return of other characters from the first season of Hawkeye. Given the positive fan response to his character, Jack Duquesne, it would be surprising if Tony Dalton was not approached about reprising the role.

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