Marvel Marketing Push Spoils a Pair of Major ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ Appearances

For a studio that’s built a reputation around their spoiler snipers, Marvel Studios certainly shoots themselves in the foot quite often. Whether through set photos, concept art or various marketing materials hitting the internet ahead of schedule, many Marvel projects have been spoiled by Marvel and their partners. Now, nearly a full year before the film hits theaters, two major character appearances in Captain America: Brave New World have been revealed.

While both of these characters have previous been rumored to be in the film and one of them had been caught in set photos, the marketing material is the first time one has been seen and the first time the name of the other was provided by an official partner of Marvel Studios.

Spoilers below…

As seen below, a McDonald’s promotion for the film revealed the first look at Marvel Studios version of Thaddeus Ross’ Red Hulk and has confirmed that Diamondback will appear in the film.

It’s long been “known” that Harrison Ford’s Ross was primed to Hulk out in Brave New World; however, given that the character is realized via VFX, there was no way that he’d show up in set photos, even though he was strongly hinted at when Ford was seen wearing torn pants in a photo shared by Marvel.

As for Diamondback, though actress Rosa Salazar was caught in set during the first round of filming, there was never any official word as to what character she was playing. Interestingly enough, rumors have persisted that the Serpent Society was cut from the film so it remains to be seen if Diamondback will appear in the film or if this material was created prior to those decisions by Marvel.

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