New ‘What If’ Funko Pop for Party Thor Revealed

party thor funko

We’ve covered quite a few of Marvel Studios’ Funko Pop lines. They’ve offered some insight into character designs or even confirmed leaked storylines for the upcoming What If series. We normally get a small line-up of characters ahead of the series premiere with new reveals following shortly after. Yet, the animated series might have the largest line-up ahead of its August premiere.

It makes sense with each episode focusing on a new Variant from the recently established multiverse. Just the other day we got our first look at an exclusive Black Widow and Collector Funko Pop for Marvel’s Collector Box. It seems they aren’t the only one, as Party Thor’s Funko Pop is heading to Walmart.


The episode will explore a party so large, it threatens the future of the galaxy. We got a glimpse of this version of Thor facing Ultron bots in an earlier trailer, which may hint at them intersecting at some point. We still don’t know exactly if each episode will be unique and then crossover at some point. We did get a full look t his golden armor with some early artwork leaks. It seems like this version of the God of Thunder never learned humility as he became the next ruler of Asgard. Here’s hoping we get another glimpse n the coming weeks of what this party is all about and who the guests might be. If he involves the entire galaxy, we might see quite a few familiar faces join the festivities.

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