New ‘What If’ Funko Pop Leak Offers Closer Look at Black Widow and Collector

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It looks like the next wave of What If Funko pops have found their way online. It’s been only three weeks since the first wave found its way online featuring Captain Carter, Star-Lord T’Chall, Hydra Stomper, Gamora, and Doctor Strange Supreme. Now, the next two Funko’s have found their way online from the upcoming animated series that will be available with the Marvel Collector Corps. They feature the version of Black Widow from the post-apocalypse and The Collector. Instagram user dis.trackers provided the first look at the new Funko Pops that are a must-buy for many collectors.

It’s been around two months since we first heard about the post-apocalyptic episode featuring Black Widow. The episode would explore the aftermath of Ultron dropping Sokovia and decimating the planet. It could be the first time we see the comic location known as the Wasteland in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We don’t have any details on the episode, but the official poster does tease Vision in Ultron armor wielding all Infinity Stones. So, he might’ve finally obtained his perfec body and ruled the galaxy while he was at it.

The Collector isn’t too much of a departure from what we know of the character. There was a tease of T’Challa facing off against him, which seems to be the most likely episode to feature him. In it, Yondu picks up the Wakandan instead of Peter Quill and he becomes an integral part of the Ravagers. The trailer teases a very unique dynamic between the two and could see the world unravel in a unique way. Wht If premieres August on Disney+ and we can’t wait to see what other scenarios we might witness.

Source: Instagram

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