REPORT: ‘John Wick’ Spin-Off ‘The Continental’ To Feature Familiar Faces and Family Drama

john wick continental

The Continental will finally enter production with director Albert Hughes on board. Instead of an ongoing series, it’ll be a three-episode event that explores the history of a young Winston at the iconic hotel of the John Wick series. There has been no casting yet, but the Illuminerdi may have gotten their hands on some details regarding the show’s cast. It confirms that young Winston won’t be alone, as Charon, the famous concierge of the Continental, also has a role in the series. Still, some other characters may hint at the overarching story.

In a world full of hitmen, it isn’t too surprising that some new faces from the underworld will join the show. There’s mention of a Vietnam War veteran and his sister who run their father’s dojo and are gun runners. There’s also the mob boss Cormack. He will work closely with Winston’s brother, Frankie, and his Vietnamese wife, Yen. We’ll also meet Winston’s investor’s Mr. and Mrs. Davonport. There’s also the mention of the cleaner Charlie. He will act as a mentor for Winston and his brother.

The big highlight is that the show will reveal a mysteriously dark past of Winston throughout the series run. As we never meet his family, their future might be part of it. There’s a hint that Frankie’s actions will put his brother and wife’s life at risk. So, it won’t be easy for him to leave the mob life. It’ll be curious to see if we get a brief glimpse or hint at John Wick’s past in the show. Outside of this Baba Yaga name, we know very little about his past. Perhaps Winston is keeping some secrets very close to the chest.

Source: Illuminerdi, SlashFilm

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