‘John Wick’ Prequel ‘The Continental’ Taking a ‘Sherlock’ Episode Structure Approach

john wick prequel

It looks like we finally got some information on the long-awaited John Wick spin-off, The Continental. While story tidbits remain tightly under wraps, Hollywood Reporoters’ Heat Vision revealed that Albert Hughes, one half behind Menace II Society and The Book of Eli, will direct three episodes. The series will only consist of those three episodes, as they will get a movie budget and length. The article also confirms that it will be a limited series. So, we shouldn’t expect any future seasons.

This reveal is quite interesting, as it is taking the same direction that the famous BBC Sherlock series did. It ran from 2010 until 2017, with each season consisting of three episodes that were individual cases loosely connected. Unlike Continental, it ran for four seasons and even had a special Christmas episode in 2016. The shortened episode count allows for some creative ways to tackle stories, and the spin-off will primarily act as a prequel to the Keanu Reeves’ led franchise.

So, this could imply that the limited run will include three unique stories that might tie into the overarching world of this franchise. We did get glimpses into how the Continental hotels work through the films but probably only scratched the surface. There is a chance that Winston might be the focal point before he became the man we know from the films. Hopefully, we’ll get more hints at the story direction and how it connects to the John Wick franchise.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, IMDb

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