‘Marvel’s Avengers’: First Details for July’s OLT Update Teases Super-Adaptoid’s Return

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It’s been a long wait but the first Omega-Level Threat is getting released next week. Marvel’s Avengers has been teasing the endgame content since it was released. Sadly, the pandemic and a rough release had other plans and it continued to get pushed back. While the original Cloning Labs are still in limbo, Kate Bishop’s long-promised OLT got a release date. Now titled “Family Reunion,” we’ll return to the iconic mission with a brand new level of challenge. Crystal Dynamics shared a new blog post with more insight into what we can expect alongside the new trailer.



Alongside a new Omega Exotic gear, the mission will provide players with weekly rewards when finished. It is multiplayer only and also includes the Multiplayer Mega Hives that include new Hivemind gear. The big takeaway from the OLT is that this is simply a template to introduce more challenging versions of content. It’s the same mission as Family Reunion that is more challenging. The big changes lie in the fight against the Super-Adaptoid who will feature new abilities. Some modifiers add to the challenge and you’ll face a Tachyon Rift timing.

CD teases that this is merely a glimpse into what is coming with the future. Wakanda will get an OLT that features unique challenges and even enemies that push the story further. So, we should just see this as the beginning of that new direction. The update will go live on July 27th and there is still time to get a group of friends together to prepare for what is promised as the game’s biggest challenge. The game will also be free-to-ply from July 29th until August 1st on PlayStation 4, PS5, Stadia, and Steam. Xbox players will get it at a later date.

Source: Play Avengers, YouTube, Twitter

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