REPORT: First Details on Black Widow’s ‘What If’ Post-Apocalyptic Episode

what if black widow

It looks like we are getting some more information on the upcoming What If series heading to Disney+ this summer. After recently offering the first details on the Thor-centric episode Illuminerdi is back revealing that Black Widow will be the focus of a post-apocalyptic storyline. It will explore a scenario where Ultron won the battle against the Avengers and his meteor ended up changing Earth forever. Natasha Romanoff will be one of the few survivors. This report matches up with leaks from April that offered a glimpse at Ultron, who seemed to be donning a cape. It is still unclear if James Spader is returning to voice the iconic robot in the episode. Still, this may be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of the Wasteland, which was the focus for various iconic Marvel Comic storylines such as Future Imperfect and Old Man Logan.

It’s a really creative concept for an episode that highlights how unique each episode might end up being. We know that one will have T’Challa become Star-Lord and another that introduces the Marvel Cinematic Universe to zombies. We still don’t know how this franchise might tie together throughout the season and may even have a relevant role as the multiverse expands. We could get some cameos from these characters in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Marvel Studios’ first animated series still has no official release date but seems to be eyeing a release in August. Here’s hoping we get a trailer once Loki premieres next week

Source: Illuminerdi

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