‘What If’ Concept Art Leaks Online Teasing the Return of Ultron

marvel studios what if ultron

It looks like some concept art for the upcoming What If series has found its way online teasing some iconic characters in new designs. It isn’t the first time something related to Marvel Studios’ first animated series finds its way online, as recently a poster was released prematurely featuring our first look at various characters. The art teases some recognizable faces, such as Loki in his Thor get-up and Tony Stark riding a makeshift Hulkbuster. To be fair, we can’t make out his face so anyone could be in that suit.

We even will have the return of Benicio del Toro‘s Collector. Now, what stands out is that it showcases Gamora in Thanos’ armor. It would hint at her embracing the legacy her adoptive father decided to pass on to her rather than running away with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Yet, the biggest reveal is the return of Ultron, who hasn’t appeared since 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Now, it doesn’t confirm if James Spader will return to take on the character, but if you consider most of the MCU staff are returning for their characters it is rather likely. His design seems to imply he has become a ruler and could hint at a story if he won the battle for Sokovia. Now, that would imply that his meteor did exactly what it was intended to do and the world was reshaped in metal.

Now, that is a fun idea to play around with as it would be the MCU’s way of introducing the Wasteland from the Future Imperfect and Old Man Logan series. It recently introduced in the Marvel’s Avengers game as part of the Hawkeye DLC. What If is starting to shape into a must-watch once it releases some time this summer.

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