‘She-Hulk’ Offers First Look at Mark Ruffalo in Latest Set Photos

she hulk mark ruffalo set

Marvel Studios has been busy working on their various Disney+ shows and it seems that their latest entry has just entered production. Actress Anais Almonte took to Facebook to share a few images from the She-Hulk set that offer us a small glimpse of what they are working on. The picture includes a look at Mark Ruffalo, who is in full mo-cap gear. He most likely will return to play Professor Hulk, who was introduced in Avengers: Endgame but there is no look yet at the titular heroine, who is played by Tatiana Maslany. We did get a brief glimpse of her around a month ago when the series slowly started production.

The set photos don’t reveal too much, but it does showcase the film’s production title Clover, which was revealed in Production Weekly a few months ago. It is uncertain which role Almonte has in the series, but she could play a minor role or even act as a double for another character. We still know very little about the series’ plot and which direction they might be heading with the character. Here’s hoping we get some of her fourth wall breaking that mixes up the way we see the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Anyone involved with Marvel is under are under strict NDAs until the series’ releases. So, it’s quite surprising she released these images online as they are still working on the Disney+ series. We’ll see how long she’ll be able to keep those on her Facebook page. Either way, it is great to get a glimpse at the series production.

Source: Facebook, Production Weekly

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