Leak Offers First Look at Marvel Studios’ ‘What If’ Funko Pops

what if funko

Marvel Studios is set to release one of their first animated projects in the form of What if?, a series that will explore variants who broke out of the Sacred Timeline. We’re still eagerly awaiting a release date for the project as it was slated to release sometime this summer, which we should soon get when Loki ends. Recently, we’ve been learning a lot about the episodes and just who and what will be featured in each and this new promo leak from Funko gives us a brand new look at the characters before their debut in the series, so make some room on that shelf for your inevitable purchases.

The upcoming wave of pop figures features five figures, not listing any potential retailer exclusives. The first figures look to be Captain Carter, joined by the Hydra Stomper, piloted by Steve Rogers. We also get a look at T’Challa as Star-lord alongside what could be our best looks yet at Gamora, Daughter of Thanos, and Doctor Strange Supreme, the evil sorcerer.


The most interesting addition here is Gamora’s new title, as she seems to have inherited the same weight of the name Thanos once held as a scourge on the galaxy. This one seems to have lived up to her father’s legacy and never joined the guardians of the galaxy. The figures currently have no set release date but look to be hitting stores now, an indication that the series could be coming soon. Fans will have to wait for official word from Marvel as to when they can expect the series though.

Source: Twitter

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