Marvel Studios President Plays Coy on Potential ‘Namor’ Spinoff

namor spinoff

Namor is a big character in the comics, who has had quite a few comics under his belt. So, the character making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever opened up the question if we could also expect a solo project in the near future. Theories have gone wild online on what they may do with the soon-to-be-introduced Talokan

Twitter user @namorcosplay got a chance to interview Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige during the red-carpet premiere of Wakanda Forever on a potential solo spinoff and he definitely didn’t give away any potential plans. His only reaction was a quick “we’ll see, depends on this” while pointing at the theater where the premiere is taking place.

While many like to point out that Marvel Studios has plans mapped out for years, they do also keep a close eye on how reactions develop or even if someone comes in to pitch an idea for a project. Such as with how Armor Wars turned into a film from a Diosney+ series, Marvel Studios isn’t as strict as they seemingly tend to be seen as with their Phase announcements.

We’ll see if they may wait until the next SDCC or bigger event to announce that Namor is getting his own spinoff. It would be a shame not to further explore the world they are introducing in the film, especially with Namor uncovering his place in the wider MCU. Still, we’ll have to wait until Marvel Studios makes an official announcement.

Source: Twitter

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