UPDATE: ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Includes Easter Eggs Teasing Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, and Wong

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UPDATE: So, it turns out that bug wasn’t actually a bug. Zawavari has various voice lines where he communicates with magic users. In one instance, he is talking to Wanda but the player below entered the circle at a time that made it seem like he mistook Thor for Wanda. In reality, he’s actually talking to her through telepathy. It has been confirmed by a CD developer on Reddit:

There are other lines where it is implied he is talking to Doctor Strange, Wong (even mentions the Ancient One), Loki, and Doctor Voodoo. Loki is also confirmed in a specific voice line when talking to Thor. Content creator @BobDuckNWeave prepared a compilation of these various voice lines, which you can check out here:

Source: Reddit, YouTube

It looks like a tiny Marvel’s Avengers bug has found its way into the latest Black Panther expansion that may have accidentally confirmed a new playable character. When you enter Zawavari’s cave, he will greet the Avenger you are playing. It seems that someone may have managed to activate the wrong audio file, as he welcomes “Wanda.” The name is, of course, a dead giveaway that Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. the Scarlet Witch will become a playable character in a future update of the game.

There’s always the chance this could just be a placeholder that they’ve added in case they want to include the character. So, don’t take it as a definite of her inclusion or that she’s arriving anytime in the near future. As we’ve seen in the past, they record many audio lines far in advance. Still, she was included in the initial character leak that hinted at a whopping 15 characters potentially joining the game if it keeps up the momentum.

Black Panther is our third addition since the initial launch of the game and is the biggest addition since. We get a free story mode and Wakanda is a brand new biome that offers quite a beautiful vista to explore. The game has come quite far and we’ve been promised an update to the roadmap in the coming weeks. So, we’ll see who the next playable character will be with Spider-Man the most likely due to his confirmed 2021 release.

Source: Reddit via Twitter

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