Matt Reeves Signs Multi-Year First Look Film Deal with Warner Bros Discovery

‘The Batman’ director Matt Reeves has signed a multi-year, first-look deal with Warner Bros. Discovery & re-upped his WB television deal.
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Warner Bros Discovery looks to have made a statement in its future and trust towards what Matt Reeves is creatively bringing to the table with The Batman and beyond. Deadline has announced that the director has signed a first-look film deal with Warner Bros. Discovery and has re-upped with the Warner Bros. television division. This is the first deal of its kind under the new regime at the long-stalwart Hollywood studio. Warner Bros Pictures Group Co-Chairs/CEOs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy, alongside Warner Bros Television Group Chairman Channing Dungey, were the notable pieces that negotiated this deal with Reeves. In a statement, the director spoke about his excitement to continue working with Warner Bros. and this more pronounced capacity.

Making this legendary studio my home is a dream. I am so excited to be working with Mike, Pam, and Channing and our teams to bring captivating stories I am truly passionate about to the big and small screen.

Matt Reeves

Alongside Reeves, Michael De Luca provided a statement giving high praise to the director and the deal made.

Pam and I gratefully inherited the relationship with Matt from The Batman, and through the beginning stages of planning The Penguin series for HBO Max. We were excited to nail down his overall deal because it’s a cornerstone of what we want to do with the filmmakers that are working at the studio. We want to create an atmosphere where all of these filmmakers can excel and do their work and stay with us once they are inside the Warner’s family. Keeping Matt and creating a home for him to do more projects in the Batman universe but also originals, was very important to us.

Michael De Luca

This type of first-look deal suggests that Warner Bros. views Matt Reeves in high regard and intends for his vision of creative projects to be a cornerstone for the future of their projects. This should certainly be promising news for fans of The Batman. While the sequel has yet to be officially green-lit, there shouldn’t have been any doubt that it will be moving forward (even with the brouhaha transpiring at the studio in the past few weeks). The question now will be how deep into the lore of this new Batman-based universe will be explored with Reeves at the helm, and what other franchises audiences may expect to see the writer and director oversee in the future.

Source: Deadline 

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