Netflix’s TUDUM a First Offers Look at Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Props and Luffy’s Outfit

one piece tudum

It’s been al ong road since Netflix’s live-action One piece series started filming. Hell, it#s been many more years since we first heard from Eiichiro Oda that they started working on the project back in 2017. After almost 5+ years, we may finally get our first look at Netflix’s current TUDUM event. Luckily, some managed to find their way unto the event area and shared some of the props that are being showcased.

The big reveal is our first full look at Monkey D. Luffy’s costume that Inaki Godoy wears in the live-action adaptation. We even get a good look at the shoes that Luffy will wear, which is, so far, the only real departure from his original adaptation. Funny enough, many feared it was quite a departure from his free-spirited approach, but they are seemingly just easy to slip in that would still keep that design alive.

He is also joined by the Marine outfit that leaked some time ago and was our first look at how truly close to the original adaptation this series is going to be. Though, it’s the various props that are definitely eye-catching.

We get a good look at Zoro’s iconic Wado Ichimonji and the two swords that play an integral part in his battle against Mihawk. Buggy’s flag seems quite similar to what we see in the manga and Usopp’s slingshot seems directly adapted from the original source material. The telescope seems to be something that might belong to Nami, but there might be more pieces that have yet to find their way online.

There’s also a fun little addition for the event specifically, which is a little replica of the Going Merry as shared by @OnePieceNxBr. It’s not as detailed as the original and continues to add to the “he’s screaming” joke from fans, but it’s definitely great to see the effort put into this event to bring fans closer to these major new additions to the streaming service. It certainly looks like they are all-in with One Piece and we hope there’s a lot more to see.

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