New Artwork Reveals ‘Loki’ Almost Featured a Rocket Variant

loki artwork

The Time Variance Authority introduced the world to the concept tof Variants. To keep the multiverse from springing into existence, they would prune that version of the character from their original timeline. The entire series follows the story of various Loki Variants. If you look closely in the background, we even seem to get a brief cameo from someone who looks like Haley Atwell‘s Peggy Carter. Sadly, it never got confirmed if the actress returned for the role for that cameo.

It was strange we didn’t get too many Variants covering the halls of the TVA from familiar MCU characters. It seems that there might’ve been plans for a Rocket Variant to appear, as the latest episode of the Assembled documentary reveals artwork that features the iconic waiting line from the series’ first episode. In it, the waiting room was empty as the time organization kept a very good eye on the timeline. Well, in the concept art, they originally were going to have quite a line for Loki to sit through. If you look closely at the end of the row, Rocket is also waiting in line.



Interestingly, this version of the waiting room teases quite a variety of aliens going through the TVA. The show seemed to focus primarily on humans with one Skrull in the first episode. There’s a chance that they had to cut down on some ideas due to the pandemic postponing production and even influencing budgetary restraints. The empty room does make it a bit more sinister and they can introduce this busier version with the second season. Now that the multiverse was born, it seems like the perfect time to round up quite a few Variants that could cause trouble for the newly established leader.

Source: Disney+

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