New ‘She-Hulk’ Storyboard Reveals Familiar Daredevil Costume

daredevil costume

While all eyes are on She-Hulk adding another great new Marvel icon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe,e the return of another familiar superhero is what everyone is talking bout right now. After making his MCU return in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Charlie Cox is set to take on the mantle of Daredevil in the upcoming series. The second trailer for the Disney+ series confirmed his return and even gave us a glimpse at a yellow take on his costume; an exciting addition for comics fans.

Yet, it turns out that at one point the project may have almost featured the red version of his costume, or at least it was something they included in earlier storyboards. Jeremy Simster who has worked on various projects for Marvel, Game of Thrones, and The Boys shared a new look at a shot featured in the latest promo. It was the best look we had yet of Daredevil in his iconic yellow costume, but it seemingly features a red version that could’ve been considered early on in the She-Hulk development process.

It’s great to see the storyboard artists’ excitement to bring Daredevil to life and his addition to the upcoming series is definitely going to be something many are looking forward to. Charlie Cox‘s return is something really bitter-sweet and adds a lot more to the Netflix era of the franchise, which had a more grounded offering of Marve fair. We’ll see how it potentially connects to the original and if the upcoming Born Again Disney+ series takes some cues from that era.

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