Giancarlo Esposito Confirms Talks With Marvel Studios, Eyeing the Role of Professor X

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We’ve heard many rumors that Giancarlo Esposito may have had talks with Marvel Studios to potentially appear in an upcoming project. The actor is well-known for his villainous and intimidating roles throughout his filmography. In a surprising twist, the actor has just flat out confirmed that he’s had talks with the role and even mentions quite a few characters that we could see him as potentially while attending the Superhero Car Show and Comic Con, where he simply revealed that he’d be down to take a different, more heroic role as Professor X

You can watch the video here:

We can’t take this as a confirmation, as it would be strange for him to flat-out confirm a role during a convention, especially with D23 on the horizon. Plus, he didn’t state he got the role but rather from the many rumors pointing out which one would interest him the most. Esposito would definitely make for a great Professor X or any of the roles mentioned, such as Magneto or even Victor van Doom. But, him taking on a more positive role that also has a long-term commitment.

Plus, it’s not like Professor X has always been the kind version we’ve gotten accustomed to through the X-Men films by 20th Century Fox. There have been many versions where she was just as threatening as anyone else, which is something that has gotten lost in his translation to the silver screen. Plus, the actor has proven his soft side with performances like Stargirl in the past, which makes him a great candidate to bring both sides to the MCU’s take on Charles Xavier.

Source: TikTok

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